Since Midjourney introduced its unique digital styles (Midjourney Styles), sref code (Midjourney style reference code) has become the hottest trend in the AI art community. Enthusiasts are eagerly sharing their favorite code effects on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. Some have even gone further by creating websites to showcase extensive code libraries.
With the official release of 4.2 billion codes, it’s clear that 10 or even 100 codes are far from sufficient for our needs.
Each contributor’s capacity to explore codes is limited. You will find that the showcases shared by AI art leaders are beautifully crafted but sporadic and few in number. Consequently, we end up bookmarking many of their websites in our browsers and following numerous AI artists on Twitter.
Although browsing their content daily is a delightful treat, it undoubtedly consumes a lot of time. As you can imagine, more excellent contributors will appear in the future, and our bookmarks will be overflowing.
This led me to a bold idea: to gather all the excellent showcases onto one website, creating a clean, pure library for everyone to reference.
In fact, I am proud to announce that I have already started implementing this idea.
Have fun!

The mission of our 🌈 sref code library:

1. To provide all showcases for free, permanently, to everyone. 2. To continuously gather more data sources and organize them into an orderly and comprehensive library. 3. We strive to select the best works to inspire your creativity.

Why is the amount of code data still very limited at the moment?

I have already collected many addresses of outstanding contributors, and we are working overtime to connect their data pipelines. Each data source has different integration rules, requiring a significant amount of time to complete these tedious interfacing tasks.

Is there a situation where the interests of third-party sharers are harmed?

We will not engage in actions that harm the interests of other sharers.Some of the showcases in our library are generated directly by our private prompts, while others are collected from other websites or bloggers. In the latter case, we will clearly indicate the source.

How does our library ensure the quality and quantity of its sref code library?

As an experienced data enthusiast and Midjourney aficionado, I will continue to gather outstanding contributors and prompts related to sref codes.
Additionally, I maintain a certain standard for selection: showcases that merely use a simple prompt like “a woman” to forcefully test all codes will not be included on our website.Each code is suited for different scenarios and expressions.