Midjourney Style Reference
Midjourney Style Reference
Let's find out what the sref code is.

Concept from Midjourney

You can use images as style references in your prompt to influence the style or aesthetic of images you want Midjourney to make.

Style Reference

To add style references to a prompt, use the --sref parameter with the web address (URL) where the image is stored online: --sref URL
  • Style references only apply to prompts that include text–they can’t be used with image-only prompts.
  • You can also use prompt text to reinforce your style reference, and may need to with tricky styles.
  • Any regular image prompts must go before --sref
  • You can use multiple style references: --sref URL1 URL2 URL3
  • You can also use --sref random to apply a random style to your images.
  • --sref can be used with Midjourney and Niji Version 6

Style Weight Parameter

Use the style weight parameter --sw to set the strength of stylization. --sw accepts values from 0 to 1000. --sw 100 is default.
Use the style weight parameter --sw to set the strength of stylization. --sw accepts values from 0 to 1000. --sw 100 is default.
Individual style references can also be assigned different weights: --sref URL1::2 URL2::1 URL3::1

Style Reference Versions

There are four versions of the style reference feature. Use the --sv parameter to choose between them. --sv 4 is default.
  • -sv 1 The original style reference algorithm, more “vibey”
  • --sv 2 The second iteration of style references
  • --sv 3 An updated version of the more “vibey” --sv 1
  • --sv 4 An updated version of --sv 2

Random Style References

  • Rerolling 🔄 or making variations of a job with --sref random will generate different images with the same random style as the parent grid.
  • Each job from a permutation or --repeat prompt with --sref random will use a different random style.
  • After you submit your prompt, "random" will be replaced with a style reference seed you can use to replicate that style in future prompts.
  • --sw works with random style references to control how strongly the random style influences the results.
  • You can't combine random style references or style reference seeds with each other or with URL style references.

Style Reference Seeds

In your completed job, the "random" value will be replaced with a style reference seed number: --sref random ➡️ --sref 762351716. You can use that style reference seed in future prompts to generate images in the same style.